Prescription hCG Vs. hCG Drops


“What’s the difference between prescription hCG and hCG drops?” I have heard this questions a few times.  The difference is quite simple.

Non-prescription hCG is a homeopathic preparation that you can buy at various concentrations… the cheaper the drops, the less effective they might be.  Most of the places you buy it have a low concentration of the actual hormone in the drops.  However, the stuff that I’ve found that works the best are the drops that have the higher concentration.  So far, the best place I know of to buy very affordable drops and other hCG-related things is from  Their hCG drops have the highest concentration possible without it being pharmaceutical grade and is blended with other effective natural ingredients to help control hunger cravings and loss of energy one might feel when first starting the diet (because their bodies might not be used to the new change yet).

These drops are 100% legal and easy to obtain without a prescription.  When compared to having hCG injections, the supervised drops makes it safer and more affordable and yeild the same average weight losses of prescription hCG.

Pharmaceutical grade hCG is only attainable by prescription from a medical doctor and, according to the law, must be administered by injection and monitored by the doctor.   So, if you’re seeing a medical doctor to get your hCG three times a day, it can be very expensive to go through.  Also, it doesn’t contain any included supplements to support the effects of the hCG; there are no natural vitamins or dietary additives to help you with any energy or hunger issues one might encounter.

And, no, I don’t work for… I just really like their product and feel eager to share with the rest of the public how fantastic they are.  They even sell couples packages!  From what I’ve heard and seen, these drops give you the biggest bang for your buck.

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July 2, 2011

Marilyn @ 3:55 pm #

So, what yur’re saying is, MD’s do not prescribe HCG drops, they only administer the injections?

July 25, 2011

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